College Degree at Home

Earn a College Degree at Home!

Every year, tens of thousands of people earn a college degree at home, and that number continues to climb each year. There’s no reason you can’t do the same thing if you’re willing to apply yourself and have the self-discipline it takes to buckle down and do the work without attending actual classes on campus. 

In fact, for many people getting an online college degree is a far better choice than going to college the old-fashioned way. You can save tens of thousands of dollars over the cost of a traditional degree while working at your own pace. This means you can graduate with a degree much faster than you ever thought possible.    

Here’s something else to consider. If you’re employed, and you choose to earn a college degree at home, chances are good that your company will reimburse you for part of the cost of your schooling. Some companies will even pay 100% of the costs.

Of course, in most cases, you’ll need to maintain a high-grade level and make adequate progress toward completing your degree, but if you’re motivated enough to earn a college degree in the first place these requirements won’t present a problem.    

earn a college degree

On top of that, by going to online college while keeping your job you’ll come out way ahead financially compared to what your circumstances would be if you’d quit work to return to school.

If you make $30,000 a year at your job and it takes you three years to complete your bachelor’s degree, you’ll have earned $90,000 while in college, whereas you wouldn’t have earned anywhere near that much if you’d taken a part-time job near a college campus to help with the bills. For most people, going to a traditional brick and mortar college is a poor second choice. It’s far better to go online and earn a college degree at home.    

Getting a College Degree from Home: Three Things You Must Know

Getting a college degree from home sounds enticing to millions of Americans, especially more mature people with families who want to change or enhance their careers. It’s tough to go back to college the traditional way with a full-time job and kids to raise; for many people, it’s pretty much out of the question.

The only option for them is online study, and the advertisements and success stories make it sound very appealing. Well, the online study really can be a godsend, but there are three things you need to know before deciding to pursue a college degree from home.    

First, make absolutely sure that the online college or university you’re considering is accredited by a legitimate accrediting organization. If it is, your degree will be just as good as one from a traditional brick and mortar college. If it isn’t it will be worthless, and you’ll be out a lot of time and a lot of money.       

Earn a College Degree at Home!

Second, many people are under the impression that online study is somehow easier than courses at a real college. That’s not the case; the courses will be just as rigorous online if they’re from a legitimate school. Getting a college degree from home doesn’t mean breezing through college. Third, you’ll need a high level of motivation and self-discipline to succeed in online study. 

Many people underestimate how difficult it can be to stay on track while earning a degree at home. Kids and spouses will be fighting for your attention, and so will household chores and errands. You won’t be in a classroom, and your mind may tend to wander.

Your favorite TV shows or video games will be a temptation you’ll have to constantly resist. In spite of these distractions, many people have successfully earned an online degree and you can, too, if you’re willing to do what it takes. If you’re a motivated, disciplined, focused self-starter, then you’re fine. If not, then you have some areas to work on. Work on them, and then start earning your college degree from home.

Get a College Degree On Your Own Terms

Many people would like to get a college degree but have no interest in the traditional college experience. Many of these would-be college students are older people who have been in the workplace for years or decades, don’t want to be a fish out of the water on a college campus, and can’t take the time in their busy schedules anyway. 

Others are young people who just recently got out of high school, but for a variety of reasons have no desire to go the traditional college route. No matter your situation, if you want to get a college degree but don’t want to attend a traditional college, there’s no need to despair. You can get a degree online and have the best of both worlds.    

Just a few short years ago, this would have been impossible. Imagine if students in 1990 had said they were going to earn a real college degree at home. They would’ve been laughed at by everyone they told. Sure, there were a few correspondence schools where you could earn a degree by mail order, but many of these were nothing but diploma mills or outfits offering “degrees” in the offbeat subject matter.

Earn a College Degree at Home!

Those days are long gone, though, thanks to the magic of technology. By using the Internet, you can earn a legitimate, accredited degree from a wide variety of real colleges and universities.          

Best of all, you can do it at your own pace. If you’re a busy mom or dad trying to juggle work, family, and education, you can take all the time you need to get a college degree from your own home. Every year more and more people get a degree online, and you can too. Don’t put it off any longer!

A College Degree Education Is Possible for Nearly Everyone

In the distant past, a college degree education was available only to a privileged few. In the Middle Ages, colleges and universities were run by the Church, and it also controlled the government. Studies were pretty much restricted to religious subjects, and admittance was only open to aspiring priests and monks of extremely high intelligence or young men whose fathers had political power, connections, or a great deal of money. 

This was the case for hundreds of years, and average people who had no chance of getting a college degree education spent most of their lives simply struggling to feed themselves and their families.    

Gradually, as the power of the Church receded, college educations became possible for a slightly larger number of people, and subjects studied were no longer exclusively religious. Even so, the average person still had no shot at a college degree. 

Admission was highly restricted, and only young men from wealthy or powerful families had any hope of attending college. Women weren’t even considered college material. This was the case in the early days of America, too, but that situation didn’t last long in a country that prided itself on equality and democracy.       

In the 19th century, colleges in America began admitting women and minorities for the first time. At first, it was only a few, but over the decades it grew. In fact, these days women now outnumber men at colleges and universities in America. Lack of finances is no longer an obstacle, with grants, scholarships, and student loans making it possible for anyone to finance a college education. 

The newest revolution, online college study, is making a college degree education available to just about anyone, anywhere, no matter the circumstances. What was once a privilege reserved for a tiny fraction of the population is now within reach of anyone willing to earn it.  

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